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Solving the Mystery of How Does Laundry Detergent Work

Ask anyone who is responsible for doing the clothes washing how does laundry detergent work and their eyes will just glaze over. They will tell you just how confused they are about the many different detergents stacked on shop shelves.

The detergent that you use in your washing machine is probably the one your mum used or a friend recommended or you just like the smell. You probably have`nt a clue as to what that detergent does or even if it is good for your clothes. Educating you on how laundry detergents work really will help you get those clothes white again and stop you blaming the washing machine.


Different Forms of Detergent


Powder doses can be measured flexibly - but can be messy.


Tablets are less messy than powders and very easy to use.


Liquids can be used to pre-treat stains prior to washing, also dissolves instantly when used in the wash. Great also for washing dark colours as liquid detergent does not contain oxygen bleach which can fade your colour`ds.


Liquid detergent in tablet-shaped sachets. All the advantages of a liquid and very convenient

Non Biological Detergents...

For people who are concerned about sensetive skin. They do not contain enzymes. But this means that there will be some types of stains which will not be cleaned effectively.


What`s in Detergents? or Let`s Get Technical


Like soap they remove anything greasy from materials, they include food deposits and staining.

Attracted to these food deposits and stains it begins to break them up then prevents them from resettling back onto the materials by keeping them suspended in the wash water - clever stuff.

There are many different types of surfactants with differing cleaning properties. Good detergents use a combination of these for the best possible cleaning results.

Very important note concerning the amount of detergent used

Surfactants act on the hardness in the water the same way they do with the food deposits and stains on the clothing. So as water hardness increases the amount of surfactant free to clean the clothes gets less. This is the reason why they contain buiders and why more detergent should be used.


designed to soften the water thus allowing surfactants to do their job of removing stains and food deposits.

NB detergents without good builders do not clean anywhere near as well.


Are proteins which break down food deposits and staining and because they are specific as to which stains they will break down, good detergents use a cobination of these enzymes.

Oxygen Bleach...

 As well as whitening dingy washing it removes coloured stains.


Prevents stains and food deposits from falling back onto the laundry by holding them in suspension in the wash water.


Designed to stay throughout the laundry washing cycle and still be detected in the clothes so as to have them smelling fresh.






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