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Washing Machine Repairs...

We have been repairing domestic appliances (especially washing machine repairs) for some 34yrs. As a family business we recognise the urgency of getting our customers machines repaired in reasonable time. Our ideal is to get to our customers within 24hrs but 48hrs is the maximum (sometimes we have a holiday though).

One question you might like to ask yourself is, "do I really need him?" that is. You may have just overlooked something simple. Take a look at the list below just to make sure that before you call us for a washing machine repair etc. that this is not the case.


  • Has the appliance been switched off at the wall socket or isolating switch.
  • Has the appliance been moved and then put back, leaving it unplugged if the socket is behind the machine.
  • Have you `pinched` the fuse out of the mains plug to put in something else and replaced it with a lower amperage one which has now blown. Correct fuse rating is 13A (A=amps). It is easy to mistake a 3A(red) for a 13A(brown) fuse.
  • Most appliances have door switches so make sure the door is shut properly.

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Washing Machine Repairs

  • Have the water taps been turned on.
  • If the appliance is not filling and the machine has been moved out and then moved back, have the water inlet hoses been kinked?
  • If your washing is coming out hot and creased at the end of a cycle, the water inlet hoses may be connected the wrong way round (usually happens after a move).
  • If there is water showing in the drum/base when it is switched off and the drain hose is connected to the sink waste outlet (under the sink), make sure that water is not coming into the machine from the sink. Try and create an upward u-bend in the drain hose of the machine where it is attached to the sink waste pipes so the hose is higher at that point. Or fit a non-return valve adaptor. Sold in plumbing outlets or DIY stores.

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Tumble Drier Repairs

  • If your appliance feels very hot on the outside or does`nt seem to be drying properly check the vent hose is`nt blocked or kinked. Also check the grill in the outside wall where it vents to the outside to see if there has been a build up of fluff.

Cooker Repairs

  • If your oven is not working it may be that the automatic function has been inadvertently set. Usually happens when the cooker has been cleaned or visitors have used it and don`t understand its functions.

If any of the above checklist does`nt work for you then please contact us in the following ways:

Tel/Fax: 01458 272797
Email:     Repairs request

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